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Journal Papers:     († co-first authors; * corresponding authors)

33. H. Li†, W. Zhang†, X. Liao*, and L. Xu*, “Kirigami Enabled Reconfigurable Three-Dimensional Evaporator Arrays for Dynamic Solar Tracking and High Efficiency Desalination” Science Advances 10, eado1019 (2024). (pdf)



32. H. Liu, X. Ji, Z. Guo, X. Wei, J. Fan, P. Shi, X. Pu*, F. Gong*, and L. Xu*, “A High-Current Hydrogel Generator with Engineered Mechanoionic Asymmetry” Nature Communications 15, 1494 (2024). (pdf)



31. Q. Li†, Z. Zhao†, F. Chen†, X. Xu, L. Xu, L. Cheng, M. Adeli, X. Luo, and C. Cheng*, “Delocalization Engineering of Heme-Mimetic Artificial Enzymes for Augmented Reactive Oxygen Catalysis” Angewandte Chemie International Edition 63, e202400838 (2024).


30. L.A. Wang, H. He, Q. Gan, H. Guo, Z. Yang, L. Xu, and C.Y. Tang*, “Polar Solvent-Induced Spontaneous Nanofoaming for Synthesizing Ultra-High-Performance Polyamide Nanofiltration Membranes” Nano Letters 24, 7373 (2024).


29. H. He†, H. Li†, A. Pu, W. Li, K. Ban, and L. Xu*, Hybrid Assembly of Polymeric Nanofiber Network for Robust and Electronically Conductive Hydrogels”  Nature Communications 14, 759 (2023). (pdf) (Highlighted in 文匯報, 明報,, etc.)


28. M. Sun†, H. Li†, Y. Hou, N. Huang, X. Xia, H. Zhu, Q. Xu, Y. Lin, and L. Xu*, “Multifunctional Tendon-Mimetic Hydrogels” Science Advances 9, eade697 (2023). (pdf) (Nature research highlight)

27. Z. Wang†, H. Zhu†, H. Li, Z. Wang, M. Sun, B. Yang, Y. Wang, L. Wang, and L. Xu*, High-Strength Magnetic Hydrogels with Photoweldability Made by Stepwise Assembly of Magnetic-Nanoparticle-Integrated Aramid Nanofiber Composites” ACS Nano 17, 9622 (2023). (pdf)

26. H. Li, W. Zhang, J. Liu, M. Sun, L. Wang, and L. Xu*, Self-Assembled Nanofibrous Hydrogels with Tunable Porous Network for Highly Efficient Solar Desalination in Strong Brine” Advanced Functional Materials 33, 2308492 (2023). (pdf)

25. W. Xu, H. Liu, M.-C. Wong, H. He, J. Hao, and L. Xu*, Robust and Durable Triboelectric Nanogenerators Enabled by A Mechanically Strong and Mildly Healable Polymer” Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11, 18893 (2023). (pdf)


24. F. Chen, X. Li, Y. Yu, Q. Li, H. Lin, L. Xu, and H.C. Shum*, Phase-Separation Facilitated One-Step Fabrication of Multiscale Heterogeneous Two-Aqueous-Phase Gel” Nature Communications 14, 2793 (2023).

23. J. Yang, H. He, D. Li, Q. Zhang, L. Xu, and C. Ruan*, Advanced Strategies in The Application of Gelatin-Based Bioink for Extrusion Bioprinting” Bio-Design and Manufacturing  6, 586 (2023).



22. H. Liu, H. Li, Z. Wang, X. Wei, H. Zhu, M. Sun, Y. Lin, and L. Xu*, Robust and Multifunctional Kirigami Electronics with Tough and Permeable Aramid Nanofiber Framework” Advanced Materials 34, 2207350 (2022). (pdf

(Inside back cover highlight)


21. J. Gao, J. Zhou, C. Wang, X. Ma, K. Jiang, E. Kim, C. Li, H. Liu, L. Xu, H.C. Shum, S.-P. Feng, and D.-M. Shin*, “Engineered Networking in a Family of Solvent-Free Single-Ion Conducting Borate Network Polymer Electrolytes for Li-Metal Battery Applications” Chemical Engineering Journal 450, 138407 (2022).


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19. H. He, X. Wei, B. Yang, H. Liu, M. Sun, Y. Li, A. Yan, C.Y. Tang, Y. Lin*, and L. Xu*, “Ultrastrong and Multifunctional Aerogels with Hyperconnective Network of Composite Polymeric Nanofibers” Nature Communications 13, 4242 (2022). (pdf)

(Highlighted in 文匯報,, HKU news, etc.)

18. H. Li, Z. Wang, M. Sun, H. Zhu, H. Liu, C.Y. Tang and L. Xu*, “Breathable and Skin-Conformal Electronics with Hybrid Integration of Microfabricated Multifunctional Sensors and Kirigami-Structured Nanofibrous Substrates” Advanced Functional Materials 32, 2202792 (2022). (pdf)


17. H. He, Y. Li, H. Liu, Y. Kim, A. Yan, and L. Xu*, “Elastic, Conductive, and Mechanically Strong Hydrogels from Dual-Crosslinked Aramid Nanofiber Composites” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 7539 (2021). (pdf
16. H. Li, H. Liu, M. Sun, Y.A. Huang*, and L. Xu*, “3D Interfacing Between Soft Electronic Tools and Complex Biological Tissues” Advanced Materials 33, 2004425 (2021). (pdf)

15. L. Xu, X. Zhao, C. Xu, and N.A. Kotov*, “Water-Rich Biomimetic Composites with Abiotic Self-Organizing Nanofiber Network” Advanced Materials 30, 1703343 (2018). (pdf)

(cover highlight, also highlighted on Michigan News and by other public news agencies)

14. J. Lyu, M.D. Hammig, L. Liu, L. Xu, H. Chi, C. Uher, T. Li, and N.A. Kotov*, “Stretchable Conductors by Kirigami Patterning of Aramid-Silver Nanocomposites with Zero Conductance Gradient” Applied Physics Letters 111, 161901 (2017).

13. L. Xu*, T.C. Shyu, and N.A. Kotov* “Origami and Kirigami Nanocomposites” ACS Nano 11, 7587 (2017). (pdf)

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10. L. Xu, X. Wang, Y. Kim, T.C. Shyu, J. Lyu, and N.A. Kotov*, “Kirigami Nanocomposite as Wide-Angle Diffraction Gratings” ACS Nano 10, 6156 (2016). (pdf)

9. Y. Su*, Z. Liu, and L. Xu, “A Universal and Easy-to-Use Model for the Pressure of Arbitrary-Shape 3D Multifunctional Integumentary Cardiac Membranes” Advanced Healthcare Materials 5, 889 (2016). (cover highlight)
8. T.C. Shyu, P.F. Damasceno, P.M. Dodd, A. Lamoureux, L. Xu, M. Shlian, M. Shtein*, S.C. Glotzer*, and N.A. Kotov*, “A kirigami approach to engineering elasticity in nanocomposites” Nature Materials 14, 785 (2015). (cover highlight) (pdf)

7. J.-W. Jeong, G. Shin, S.I. Park, K.J. Yu, L. Xu, and J.A. Rogers*, "Soft Materials in Neuroengineering for Hard Problems in Neuroscience" Neuron 86, 175 (2015). 

6. L. Xu, S.R. Gutbrod, Y. Ma, A. Petrossians, Y. Liu, R.C. Webb, Z. Yang, J.A. Fan, R.Xu, J.J. Whalen, J.D. Weiland, Y. Huang, I.R. Efimov, and J.A. Rogers*, “Materials and Fractal Designs for 3D Multifunctional Integumenraty Membranes with Capabilities in Cardiac Electrotherapy” Advanced Materials 27, 1731 (2015). (frontispiece highlight) (pdf)

5. L. Xu†, S.R. Gutbrod†, A.P. Bonifas, Y. Su, M.S. Sulkin, N. Lu, H.-J. Chung, K.-I. Jang, Z. Liu, M. Ying, C. Lu, R.C. Webb, J.-S. Kim, J.I. Laughner, H. Cheng, Y. Liu, A. Ameen, Y. Huang, I.R. Efimov*, and J.A. Rogers*, "3D Multifunctional Integumentary Membranes for Spatiotemporal Cardiac Measurements and Stimulation across the Entire Epicardium" Nature Communications 5, 3329 (2014). (pdf)

(highlighted on Nature and many public news agencies including National Geographic, MIT Technology Review, ABCetc.)

4. D.-H. Kim†, R. Ghaffari†, N. Lu†, S. Wang†, S.P. Lee, H. Keume, R. D'Angelo, L. Klinker, Y. Su, C. Lu, Y.-S. Kim, A. Ameen, Y. Li, Y. Zhang, B. de Graff, Y.-Y. Hsu, Z. Liu, J. Ruskin, L. Xu, C. Lu, F.G. Omenetto, Y. Huang, M. Mansour, M.J. Slepian, and J.A. Rogers*, "Electronic Sensor and Actuator Webs for Large-Area Complex Geometry Cardiac Mapping and Therapy" PNAS 109, 19910 (2012).

3. D.-H. Kim†, N. Lu†, R. Ma†, Y.-S. Kim, R.-H. Kim, S. Wang, J. Wu, S.M. Won, H. Tao, A. Islam, K.J. Yu, T.-I. Kim, R. Chowdhury, M. Ying, L. Xu, M. Li, H.-J. Chung, H. Keum, M. McCormick, P. Liu, Y.-W. Zhang, F.G. Omenetto, Y. Huang, T. Coleman, and J.A. Rogers*, "Epidermal Electronics" Science 333, 838 (2011).  (pdf)

2. D.-H. Kim†, N. Lu†, R. Ghaffari†, Y.-S. Kim, S.P. Lee, L. Xu, J. Wu, R.-H. Kim, J. Song, Z. Liu, J. Viventi, B. de Graff, B. Elolampi, M. Mansour, M.J. Slepian, S. Hwang, J. D. Moss, S.-M. Won, Y. Huang, B. Litt, and J.A. Rogers*, "Materials for Multifunctional Balloon Catheters with Capabilities in Cardiac Electrophysiological Mapping and Ablation Therapy" Nature Materials 10, 316 (2011).

1. L. Xu, Y.-L. Liu, H.-B. Zhou, L.-H. Liu, and G.-H. Lu*, “Ideal Strengths, Structure Transitions, and Bonding Properties of a ZnO Single Crystal under Tension” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 495402 (2009). 

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